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The quality and cost of accommodation in the UK can vary greatly. The key to finding your ideal property is to have a very clear idea of what you want before you start looking, and then to start looking as soon as you can. There are some valuable things that you must consider before renting a property;

  • Rent: Cost per week (PW) OR Cost per month (PCM) of accommodations in the UK varies to a large degree. Rule of thumb: The farther you are from London, the lower the rent is.
  • Location: You might have to commute daily to attend classes. Generally what matters is your route to and from the university. You need to know the bus/tram routes for easy commuting.
  • Shared or Independent – Independent accommodations are quite expensive.
  • Facilities: Different types of accommodations have different facilities and different rents, a private studio is expensive and will offer you all facilities for yourself than a shared house which offers shared facilities between the house members.

Best websites and apps to find accommodation in the UK

  1. University Student Accommodation
    • University Website
  2. Private Student Accommodation
  3. House-Sharing
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