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Since 2020, Edulytic has been a thriving UK-based EdTech company. From a small consulting firm, we have constructed a history of success and unprecedented growth. Our dedication and unwavering commitment made it possible to create the goodwill that we achieved. We collaborate with students and institutions to ensure that students receive the best and most appropriate guidance possible. Our goal is to ensure that every student receives appropriate advice, and this, combined with our extensive educational knowledge and excellent relationships with universities, ensures that we always secure a place for you in the best possible institute for our students. Students with or without prior experience are welcome to study abroad for a better future.

Edulytic offers CRM solutions tailored for consultants in the student recruitment industry, empowering them to deliver exceptional service to prospective students and efficiently manage university applications. As an EdTech firm, we are committed to developing additional products that support international students and the organisations serving them. Our goal is to become a comprehensive study abroad aggregator, providing a one-stop solution for students planning to study overseas. We aim to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to simplify the university application process, making it more accessible and user-friendly for international students.

Edulytic seeks to advance the profession of education consulting by establishing high-performance standards. Our advisers hold international certifications like British Council, QAEC Australia, CCG Canada, USATC, IATC and Education NZ to ensure students get the best services. With real-world problem-solving experience and practical knowledge of trends, patterns, and data in the ever-changing admissions and visa process, education, and career industries, we assist our clients in overcoming all major obstacles encountered while pursuing an education abroad.

Our reputation is very important to us, and we are very proud of the testimonials we have received from previous clients, many of whom return to us for additional services. We have approached highly ranked colleges and universities around the UK for the betterment of youth. We currently represent over 200 UK universities.

Our dedication to the education industry has earned us the trust of students’ parents. We have a 99.9% success rate in submitting admission applications for students to foreign institutes and successfully securing their admissions and placements. An experienced and professional staff is proactive in assisting students in obtaining admission to UK institutes. Every counsellor provides professional and responsible assistance in the application process, from course and institution selection to visa guidance.

Our Vision

To be internationally recognised as world-leading consultants in providing the best possible advice and opportunities to the students for their better future.

Our Mission

Make realistic and actionable recommendations to assist the students in making the best decisions for their successful future ahead.

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