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Part-time employment in the UK is extremely popular among international students primarily because working alongside education has numerous benefits. It makes you financially independent and having a job improves students’ communication skills. Besides this, it gives you an opportunity to socialise with different people.

There are 3 categories to apply for jobs in the UK;

  1. Classifieds: Classifieds are basically online websites that help you to find jobs. These websites provide people with various resources to search for, apply to and compare job opportunities. By familiarising yourself with how to use the job search tools, you can find various job positions that align with your career goals. Some of the classifieds are;
  2. Walk-In Applications: A walk-in job is like an informal meet-and-greet session that is arranged by companies for interviewing a bunch of people in a short time. Unlike scheduled interviews, you don’t need to take up a formal appointment. Some of the walk-in jobs are;
    • Restaurants
    • Retail Business
    • Customer Service Position
  3. Company Websites: If you have a targeted list of companies to approach for job openings, going directly to the company website is an effective job search method. Google is your best friend in finding a company that matches your interest.

Restrictions For International Students

Finally, before you venture on your journey to find a part-time job in the UK, it is critical that you understand UK laws. The following restrictions apply to international students seeking part-time work in the UK:

  • Part-time up to 20 hours per week during term-time.
  • Full-time during holiday breaks like Christmas break or Summer break.
  • Self-employment is not allowed. For example, you cannot work as an entertainer, a sports coach or any sort of entrepreneur.
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